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Chehalem Mountain German Shorthaired Pointers
Dean and Patti Goodding, Sherwood, Oregon

Club Affiliations
GSP Club of America (Parent AKC Club)
GSP Club of Oregon
GSP Club of Idaho
GSP Club of Reno
GSP Club of Southern California
Nutmeg GSP Club of Connecticut
NAVHDA--North American Versatile Hunting Dog
NAIA--National Alliance For The Interest of Animals
Northwest Field Trial Association
Northwest Pointing Dog Association
Chehalem Mountain German Shorthaired Pointers
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.  Club Affiliations  

GSP Club of America (Parent AKC Club)
.    GSP Club of Oregon
.    GSP Club of Idaho
.    GSP Club of Reno
.    GSP Club of Southern California
.    Nutmeg GSP Club of Connecticut
.    NAVHDA--North American Versatile Hunting Dog
Association (Parent NAVHDA Club)
.    NAVHDA--Pacific Northwest Chapter
.    Northwest Field Trial Association
.    Northwest Pointing Dog Association
Sherwood Dog Training Club
~Patti and Dean Goodding~
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Dean and Patti Goodding have been devoted to the German Shorthaired Pointer for over
35+ years. Chehalem Mountain Shorthairs is located in scenic Sherwood, Oregon, where
Dean and Patti share their country lifestyle with their German Shorthaired Pointers, cats,
llamas and horses.   

Nestled among the wineries and in the shadow of the beautiful Chehalem Mountain they
strive to produce loving and healthy dogs. Their exceptional temperaments, superior
intelligence and natural hunting ability are a true example of a versatile sporting dog.
Demonstrating the abilities of the dog’s through rigorous testing both in the field and the
show ring, is of the utmost importance to Dean and Patti---Each dog that they personally
own is titled in one or more areas of accomplishment.

Both Dean and Patti have served as past presidents of the German Shorthaired Pointer
Club of Oregon, served on the Board of Directors and on numerous committees for the club.
Patti is currently the Secretary for the club.  Patti is an active GSP rescue volunteer for the
club and both are AKC Hunt Test Judges.  Dean is also an AKC Field Trial Judge, and
Certified Hunter Safety Instructor for the State of Oregon.
Chehalem Mountain German Shorthaired Pointers
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